Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tinker Bell Half Marathon - Awesome!

First Race of 2012 - Disney Tinker Bell Half Marathon

If you ever wanted to do a race down at Disney... DO IT!  They are great because they are well organized (would you expect less?) and very fun.  This is the second race that I've done with thim and the expense is worth it.  You run through the parks and there are characters that you can stop and take pictures with as well of tons of support:

Cheerleaders - at least 5 teams that I can remember
Bands & Drill Teams - again at least 5
Red Hat Ladies - this group blew my mind... there were like 200 of them out there cheering for us.
Hula Girls
Smiling Volunteers

I took a picture with Sulley and George Sanderson at the very end.  It cost me $35 from the photo service but it was so cute that I had to order it. 

My Tinker Bell's Pom-Pons (thanks to the fabulous Kate McCreary)


  1. I'm sold - I totally want to do this with you next year now.