Friday, September 30, 2011

Ladies Night!

Okay so maybe a little misleading. By ladies night you think me and a bunch of girl friends went out to a bar or a movie and dinner or something. Nope, I talked a group of five of my girlfriends out to accompany me to Phase IV - Scientific Health and Performance Center for a lecture and a raffle.

Dr. Chris Renna, founder of LifeSpan Medicine, gave a lecture about women and sports. Very interesting stuff as the man is highly intelligent and spoke a lot about the chemistry of our bodies. It all sounded vaguely familiar from my days in school but I'm a little rusty. Here were my takeaways:
• You need to get proper sleep in order to prepare your body to WANT to exercise.
o Turn off all overhead lights by 9pm and read. If you are hungry after dinner
it is probably your body telling you that you are tired.
o Actually not a problem for me but I thought I'd share for the blogging
world. I know…. I'm lucky.
• Yikes! Type A and Type O blood cannot process wheat or dairy or peanut butter.
o This is going to be super hard for me. I can do without peanut butter no
problem. Apparently I can substitue any other nut butter and I'll be in good
shape. BUT NO DAIRY ! Oh my lord... this means no cheese, no yogurt, NO ICE CREAM! Wheat is going to be tough too but DAIRY, ah carumba.

If you have any good substitutes for dairy please let me know because right I now I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

Dr. Renna also said that the way America processes there dairy is bad for our system. A friend is letting me borrow a book on this. Apparently Europe dairy is ok. I need to find out what the difference is.

I had frozen yogurt and greek yogurt last night. Day 1 and I already failed.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've done it! Ironman CDA here I come!

June 24, 2012 I will be doing my first Ironman race in Idaho! I'm currently engaged in reading all about nutrition at the moment.

When I did my first Half Ironman, Vineman, in July of 2011 I didn't suffer an Gastro-Intestinal distress but I have a feeling that they way I'm eating now is going to be a problem for a full day race. So, I'm barrelling down. I'm challenging myself to follow a periodization structure full with Heart Rate monitoring and a healthy diet that mirrors my training. I'll start into base training in December. Here's go nothing!

Hopefully I'll be all smiles like this lovely lady: