Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Disneyland Family Holiday Party

One of the many joys of working for Disney is the Employee Christmas Party at Disneyland each year. The picture above is Main Street. It was a wonderful year this year as it wasn't too cold (we'd just had 80 degree weather the day before) and it wasn't very crowded.

We enjoyed a lovely Mexican dinner and headed off to the rides. Captain EO (so outdated it was funny, gotta love MJ), Space Mountain, Indiana Jones (pictured below), and Haunted Mansion.
The picture quality isn't wonderful as I'm getting used to my new phone. But yeah, here is me and Pete waiting in line for Indiana Jones.
More holiday spirit posts to come...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finally something good to talk about...

Life had been pretty uneventful there for a little while. (Ok, ok I did make an awesome turkey for Thanksgiving and play flag football that morning but I have no pictures.)

Last weekend though- prime action! Saturday I talked Pete, my trainer, and a couple of other people into doing this awesome 5k obstacle/ mud course run called the Gladiator Rock N Run. It was super, super fun. Nitro from American Gladiators put it on and it was really well organized. They had all kinds of great sponsors, great music, and food trucks there at the end. So that was part one - get really really dirty, work out, and have fun.

Part two of Saturday's activities was the LA Scavenger Hunt for the LA Union Rescue Mission and the LA Food Bank. The purpose of the race was to help gather material items (food, clothing, toys, etc.) for well you guessed it, the less fortunate. So you had to run around the city and pick up all these crazy things or do certain things and take a picture or a video of it. One of the bigger item scores was to have a teammate get a piercing. So, after a little encouraging from my team... I got my nose repierced. (I had done it back when I was 19 or so but got rid of it pretty quickly.) Ta dah! Yeah, I'm ballsy.

Then Sunday, I got a new phone. I left ATT and joined Verizon and got a fabulous new smart phone. Pity though, I'm still having troubles getting texts. But nonetheless I'm a happy girl.