Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Year, Another Tri Season Begins

As you guys know I lead the run group for the Disney Tri Team and we just had our kickoff meeting a couple of weeks ago.  I'm REALLY REALLY trying to work on convincing those people who have been on the fence about coming out for years to finally make an appearance.  They must get so sick of me sending out my weekly emails to them- the dreaded SPAM folder, I'm sure I hit that one.  I send my emails out to 364 people and on average 10 show up.  But I must say the regulars that do show up are AWESOME.

If you are on that same fence, here are a few pinterest grabs that are sure to get you inspired.  I put these out in my weekly emails to the company - now I'm sharing them with you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bucket List Video

I don't think I want the car but I sure do like the ad.

Happy Friday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm Pretty Lucky

If you read my last post I was a little burnt out with the workouts and the workout encourager.  So I spoke with boyfriend on Friday night and told him how I felt.  I gotta say I feel a little bad for airing out my frustrations in the blogosphere.

My sweet, handsome man of a man bought me a massage on Saturday.  He also didn't want me to do anything around the house that day (but I just had to do laundry).  How lucky am I?

Now I just have to figure out something dang on special to do for him for Valentine's Day.  Survivor is on February 15th and that is he and his families' favorite show.   Should I go cheesy and do it themed around that? 


Friday, February 3, 2012

Dirty Laundry

Normally I don't like to air my ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ out in public but I'm sure others have felt this way when they are training for an Ironman with their significant other.


Now, now, I accept the responsibility for creating a very tough training schedule that my boyfriend, his best friend, my friend the Bad-#-s-s, and maybe a few others follow.  Actually I didn't create it.  Joel Friel created it and put it on Training Peaks to follow- but I distribute it. 

It's just that the day after the 1/2 marathon I did a gym workout.  Then Tuesday I hit the pool and did a rolling hills 7 mile run.  Then Wednesday I hit the pool and did a hilly 6 mile trail run.  Yesterday I did a hilly bike ride.  My legs were toast.  There was no time to buy groceries, clean the house, aka recover.  So I'm a bit off kilter.

Poor boyfriend took a spill on the bike yesterday (aches and pains and road rash) so he got to sleep in today.  So when the alarm goes off and I delay getting up.... I hear... "well you might as well get it over with. Get up and workout." 

So, I promptly got myself out of bed, prepared myself under my favorite blanket in the living room and turned on the What If episode of "Grey's Anatomy".   Man I think I'm halfway back to homeostasis.

Then I broke the diet today by having Kix at work.  Delish! 

Sometimes the prodding just doesn't help.  Doesn't help.  I revert to solitary mode for peace and tranquility.  Now here's to hoping Meredith Webber healed me and I can return to my normal workouts this evening.  And boyfriend - no nagging if I don't.  (He doesn't read this anyway.)