Monday, November 8, 2010

He's all grown up!

Pete has re-entered the world of no roommates land. We moved him into a charming 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in the rancho-equestrian district of Burbank this weekend. His next door neighbors have ducks and horses (and dogs)! Its kind of fun to hear it. I'm very excited for him.
He's close to Griffith Park, which I love and he's also close to Baskin Robbins, which I secretly love but also wish it was further away. We had BR twice this weekend. :( How am I supposed to lose weight when Baskin Robbins is 40 feet away?

In other news, I got my little sister (BBBS) hooked on Harry Potter- oh yeah! She likes to read to me in the car when I drive her around. I thinks its adorable. She really needs work on her reading and writing skills. Poor thing's brother is in the mental hospital for at least the fourth time during this year.

I signed up for my first half Ironman. I'm excited to announce that after the 8 hour sweat fest and rest I'll be able to enjoy wine country in Sonoma afterwards.