Tuesday, July 27, 2010

96 years is quite a feat!

I write this blog in tribute to Pete's grandma who passed away last Saturday. She had just turned 96 the weekend before. She was an really fun and humorous lady although I didn't talk with her much, as her hearing was bad. (I have an aversion to raising my voice). We had gone down to Vegas the weekend before July 4th and Pete's dad shared a funny story with us.

"Grandma" (as she liked me to call her) was hanging out over at Pete's parents' house and his dad was serving her lunch. He made her a delicious sandwich. (I'm sure it was delicious as his dad is a fabulous home cook). When he went to offer it to her she turned her nose up at it and demanded cake. "I'm 95 years old and I can eat cake if I want too." With a twinkle in her eye I'm sure...

If it had been my grandma she'd have said, "I'm __ years old and I can eat cake if I want too, dammit." See the picture below... that's her on the left.

So, here is to my cute and rascally grandmother who passed away in 2002.

And here is to my other "Grandma" and your inspiring, long life. I'll see you on Saturday at your services. May peace be with you.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Still no pictures... how about cupcakes galore?

Hmmm.... I may have to remind myself to take pictures of the awesome cupcakes my boyfriend made me for my birthday. The handsome man made me three different kinds: lemon-blueberry, malibu rum, and chocolate peanut butter. They were all wonderful but my favorite was definitely the lemon-blueberry. :) Delish. He doesn't use recipes but if he did I would have to ask him for it and post it.

It's been a big cupcake week in general. My boss bought me gourmet cupcakes from a special cupcake bakery called Yummy Cupcakes. Then he brought them in again for another girl in our office who is going on maternity leave.

It's a good thing I'm training for this triathlon. I'm maintaining but certainly not losing any weight.

It's mega-hot in Southern California right now - 105 degrees. (And some humidity but not like down in the Southeast).

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pre-Birthday Weekend

I'll be enjoying myself in beautiful San Luis Obispo for wine tasting this weekend. I hope to also make time for a lovely bike ride through the vineyard roads. We're staying in this unique hotel where every room has a unique and different decor. It's really gorgeous on the outside. It's called the Madonna Inn: http://www.madonnainn.com/ Pete might be sad to find out that we didn't get the "Caveman Room" or the "Fox and the Hound Room" but "Spring Flowers": http://www.madonnainn.com/rooms/207.php (Also sadly, this room does not include a rock shower, waterfall, balcony, or fireplace.) Hah! Oh well he made the reservation.

I'm just simply happy to make the trip. Gotta love CA!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothing specific to report...

What I SHOULD have done this weekend was take lots of pictures so that I might have something pretty for you to look at but I didn't. So, I'll tell you how my weekend went:

Saturday morning we did a lovely ocean swim out in Malibu (1/2 mile) and it was pretty cold. Reportedly the water temp was 58 but I think it was colder than that. Then we did a 18 mile bike ride. No falls this time guys! Oh and my eyes are healed finally from the black eye event. That felt like it took forever. :)

Saturday evening I needed a nap and then I turned into a dude and watched the UFC fight with some boys and my roommate.

Sunday was a nice 4 mile run up a mountain. It was gorgeous out! I hope the calories I burned offset the two parties we had to go to later that day. Good friends, good people, fireworks...

Monday was house stuff and then I cooked dinner for two friends of mine that are recently engaged.

Now its back to a busy week at work!